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    Dr Kambelos was featured in a Cincinnati Business Courier.   August 3, 2013.  Last of a breed: Here’s why these doctors still go it alone It discussed the last solo medical practitioners in the Greater Cincinnati Area.

    This is the second article that featured Dr. Pete and his practice.

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    The Dr. Kambelos website is up! 

    Our goal is to have everything you need to stay in good health with Dr. Pete as your guide. You be able to find information like our:

    Services + Staff + News + Recomended Health Tips +  FAQ's + Popular health sites + Contact information 

    In addition, we have a new feature called Dr. Pete's Blog. This is where you'll get Dr. Kambelos wide ranging thoughts on subjects like ObamaCare, medical trends, politics and new services. 

    We'll also have guest bloggers to keep the great ideas and thoughts coming.  

    Check the site often!